In the Heart of Victoria


In a tourism and agrifood provenance context, we believe the Hume RDA could support development of a regional identity that is build around the notion of the Hume Highway linking a 'string of pearls'. While this concept need not be expressed through a brand it could be used as a strategic framework that highlights agritourism assets within the region and extends visitation from a short stay into a 4, 5 or 6 day regional itinerary.

Hume RDA engaged the Regional Tourism Boards to explore how they can further support the region's agritourism sector.

About the Project

It has been acknowledged that the region's provenance is largely unknown and that building that broader awareness of the region and what is has to offer is critical to the success of the agritourism sector.

While we have a number of agrifood, wine and tourism stories in the region they do not always connect and leverage from one another. Vignerons and gourmet groups don't effectively link to each other, events and festivals can operate in silos and some groups have poor awareness of what others are working on.

Yet, the strength of many individual operators needs to be championed. The region is full of passionate and dedicated operators and a wealth of local produce of exceptional quality.

This project seeks to:

  • better understand the market demand for agritourism experiences,
  • audit the current agritourism offering, identifying roadblocks to development, regional champions and examples of best practice,
  • develop a vision for agritourism across the region,
  • establish support strategies to help agritourism operators further develop their offering, and
  • coordinate a marketing plan that promotes the unique strengths of the region.



  • Agritourism Visioning Workshop
    May 2018
  • Agritourism Visitor Research Report
    October 2018
  • Agritourism Industry Mapping Research Report
    November 2018

Key Project Documents