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Goulburn River Valley Tourism commission quarterly visitation statistics for the region from an independent provider. These statistics are compiled from data available in the quarterly National Visitor Survey and the quarterly International Visitor Survey conducted by Tourism Research Australia. The format of our visitation statistics is consistent and comparable with other regional tourism bodies across Victoria.

Statistics collected track the domestic daytrip, domestic overnight and international overnight travel to the Goulburn River Valley region. It also highlights the length of stay, market share, expenditure, purpose of visit, age of visitors, origin of visitor, transport type and the accommodation visitors intend to use.

The figures shown indicate the rolling total for the 12 months prior to each snapshot. For example the statistics show 843,000 Domestic Overnight Visitors came to the region in the 12 month period concluding 'YE Mar 2017'. This overlaps the visitation statistics for 'YE Dec 2016'. This is worth mentioning as some people have thought that these statistics covered the 'quarter ending Mar 2017'.

The data collected helps Goulburn River Valley Tourism understand our current potential visitors and communicate this with our industry.

Feel free to download and use these visitation statistics for the Goulburn River Valley region. Statistics at the local government level (Greater Shepparton, Mitchell, Murrindindi and Strathbogie) can be obtained upon request - 03 5795 1614 or

Further to our regional visitation statistics below we invite you to consider the data available directly through Tourism Research Australia (TRA).

September 2017

The Heart of Victoria has continued to experience strong growth in visitors in the year to 30 September.

The latest results show over 3.2 million people visited the region, an increase of more than 20% on last year. Australian's invested strongly in the region with domestic overnight visitors spending 38% more per trip this year than they did in the same period in 2016. Between our domestic and international markets visitors spent more than $435 million in the local ecomony over the 12 month period.

Download the detailed regional visitation statistics via the link below, or see the regional overview below.

Visitation Snapshot YE Sept 2017

June 2017

The Goulburn River Valley region saw strong growth in the year ending 30 June 2017, as compared to same period last year.

Of note, the visitor economy grew over 19% with visitors spending $455 million in the region. This was driven by strong growth in the number of visitors (up 18%) and a greater growth in the nights spent in the region (up 36%).

Download the detailed regional visitation statistics via the link below, or see the regional overview below.

Visitation Snapshop YE June 2017

March 2017

Notes on this data

Revised data and Easter effect

The snapshot for YE Mar 17 includes revised 2014 and 2015 results. Backcasting has been undertaken by Tourism Research Australia (TRA) to better reflect mobile phone usage by telecommunications companies across Australia following the introduction of mobile phone interviewing for the National Visitor Survey (NVS) from January 2014.

In addition, the timing of Easter and school holidays should be taken into account when interpreting the results.


In January 2014 TRA, as part of their continuous improvement program, moved to a new methodology for the NVS that included mobile phone interviewing. Further development of mobile telephone data sets subsequently created anomalies in the growth rate of some components. This has required backcasting to align the data, better represent mobile phone ownership by telecommunications company (e.g. Telstra) and allow for the continuation of the time series. Moving forward, the quality of data that the NVS produces will be more accurate as it better reflects the Australian resident population and phone ownership.

The backcast results have changed volume estimates in 2014 and 2015 (note: results for other years have not been affected). The average annual growth rate over the five-year trend has not changed. However, due to the volume changes in 2014 and 2015, previously published year-on-year changes will, in most cases, be overstated. The degree of change varies for purpose segments and destinations / regions.

Easter Effect

The YE Mar 17 includes one Easter (in Apr 16) and results may have had a statistical decline over the YE Mar 16 (with two Easters). The YE Mar 16 results may have had a statistical boost over the YE Mar 15 (with one Easter).

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