Overview - Victoria

Tourism or the 'Visitor Economy' is a significant economic driver for Victoria worth $21.7 billion (directly and indirectly) in 2014-2015 - that's 6.0%  of the State’s Gross State Product.

The tourism industry provided jobs for approximately 210,400 Victorians and generated 7.2% of employment in Victoria in 2014-15.

In the year ending March 2016, international overnight visitor expenditure in Victoria grew by 23.7% year-on-year to $6.7 billion. Since the year ending March 2011 (last five years), international overnight expenditure in Victoria has grown at an average annual rate of 11.4%, above the national average of 7.9 per cent.

Although international visitors will contribute strongly to future growth, the latest forecasts indicate that domestic tourism, will contribute 52% of overall growth in overnight visitor expenditure in the next decade.

To find out more about tourism's contribution to Victoria's economy visit the research section of the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources website.

Goulburn River Valley region

The Goulburn River Valley Destination Management Plan (DMP) Background Paper states that 3921 EFT jobs or 10% of the total Goulburn River Valley region workforce is attributable to tourism.

The economic impact of tourism to the region in 2012 was deemed directly to be $424m and indirectly $149m, making a total contribution of $572 million.

According to the product audit carried out for the DMP, there were around 750-800 operators, venues and attractions in the region.

For the YE March 2015 Goulburn River Valley received 752,000 domestic overnight visitors – up by 10.8% on YE Mar 14.

Visitors spent nearly 2.2million nights in the region.  Goulburn River Valley received over 2.1million domestic day trip visitors. In terms of market share, the region received 5.8% of visitors and 5.5% of nights in regional Victoria.

The main purpose of visit for domestic overnight travel was ‘visiting friends and relatives’ followed by ‘holiday’.  This trend was reversed for domestic day travel.


Domestic Overnight


Domestic Day Trip

Goulburn River Valley received nearly 16,000 international visitors to the region. Visitors spent 410,000 nights in the region. In terms of market share, the region received 3.9% of visitors and 6.0% of nights in regional Victoria.

The main purpose of visit for international travel was 'visiting friends and relatives' followed by 'holiday'.


International Overnight